Back in1108, the fortress, on which the castle is perched, was mentioned for the first time. Refurbished for the last time by Count Roggendorf in 1536, it was converted into what has been preserved in large part to this very day. In 1571, Baron Teufel acquired the property. Since 1703, the Barons Ludwigstorff have owned the castle.

The castle´s past was a rather eventful and belligerent one. For instance, the iron-cast ball in the driveway of the castle provides testament to the invasion of the Swedes in the 17th century, preceded by the siege on the part of Ottokar of Bohemia.

During the Reformation, the castle, owned by the Barons Teufel who were devout Protestants, played a significant role as a religious center. In 1945, Russian forces occupied the castle and used it as barracks and storage facilities, leaving a looted and destroyed castle behind.

After the pullout of the Russians in 1955, the then-owner Baron Carl Hugo Ludwigstorff undertook to repair the damages and refurbish the property. His descendants have been engaged in preserving the property until this very day.