Rent the entire Guntersdorf Castle!

The entire premises can be rented mid-June through end of August.

Our guests have more than 30 rooms at their disposal, comprising 10 twin bedrooms, a parlor with an adjacent library, a pool billiard playroom, breakfast rooms, an event hall, sauna and gym area and a few additional rooms. As well, the open arcades on the first floor, extending across the entire courtyard, may be used as accommodation with a special flair.

The 5 hectare greenery surrounding the castle has an extended grid of pathways, suggesting leisurely strolls. Our guests can also use the pool located in the park, wedding pavilion, and tennis court.

Rates: 12100 Euro (inkl. 10 % MwSt) per week, including a maid (8 hours/day). Maximal 20 people.

We would be happy to arrange maids (10 Euro/hour), butler (20 Euro/hour) and cook (20 Euro/hour).

Rental of Castle: In case of interest, please e-mail us at:

Weddings, Receptions and other Events at Guntersdorf Castle

The castle can be rented throughout the year for events such as weddings, receptions or birthdays; the property lends itself as well to concerts, seminars and other corporate events at any point in time.

Events at the castle: in case of interest, please e-mail us at: We will be glad to inform you about rates.